Tally Training Choosing the Right Course for Your Career Growth

The word “Tally ” is not an unfamiliar word for those living in India. You may not know exactly what it is, but you should know how popular and in demand it is in the Indian business field.

Now, the questions that arise are: Should you choose self-study or enroll in a Tally course if you want to study Tally? If you want to enroll in a Tally course, how do you choose the one that will advance your career?

Need answers to these questions? Do not fret. This blog provides insight on choosing the right training for a successful career as an accountant.

Tally and Tally Training 

Tally is an ERP software still widely used in the Indian finance industry. Tally helped companies to smoothen the finance function of their organization.

Tally started as an MS-DOS accounting application and now has multiple versions, the latest version being Tally Prime with its GST, tax, and compliance features.

Tally offers numerous features, including inventory management, accounting, payroll, multiple inventory and inventory management, cost center management, deposits and withdrawals, and more. No need to search through hundreds of pages or files for a specific item. Just click a button to see your complete history with the client within seconds.

Importance of Learning Tally 

Tally is a user-friendly software that is very smooth to navigate and requires an understanding of entering details just once. Next time, excluding the principal, the rest of the details will be automatically filled in.

Tally allows you to record past expenses, such as invoices and forms, which are saved in an archive folder. Any discrepancies in transaction recording or analysis can be resolved if necessary. Additionally, Tally allows you to extract profit and loss reports for future business forecasting.

Therefore, if you consider accounting and costing as a career option, Tally training will be beneficial. With an increasing number of companies set up in India, not to mention the start-ups, opportunities to use Tally will consequently increase. They so will the need for qualified Tally specialists.

Choosing the Right Tally Course for Your Career Growth

Post-pandemic, online learning methods have become very popular and every educational institution in India is seizing the opportunity to offer online upskilling courses that enable candidates (newbies or experts) to grow.

Countless institutes in India offer online Tally training and courses in Tally. Courses are aimed at all levels, from basic courses in Tally to the advanced and diploma program courses in Tally. When choosing a course, candidates should assess their current expertise level,  career goals, and specific aspects of Tally and GST that they wish to pursue. Other aspects include the institution’s placement history, the curriculum offered, whether the certification is globally recognized, etc.

Therefore, we have marked down certain criteria you should look for when you are contemplating a course in Tally.

Course options and learning flexibility 

Find an institution that covers all expertise areas. Consider institutions that offer options from basic to advanced courses if there is a diploma course, all the better. Besides these, flexibility is essential for learning. Consider courses that accommodate diverse schedules and allow candidates to continue their education without disrupting other work and study commitments.

Relevance of certifications in the job market 

Enroll in Tally courses where certifications hold relevance. A well-structured Tally course will not only add knowledge to your resume but will also serve as a valuable reference. Consider enrolling in a Tally course where employers prefer Tally-certified candidates.

Industry-Related Curriculum 

The ideal Tally training course aligns its Tally course syllabus with industry requirements. Including topics like GST, compliance, TDS, advanced Tally features, financial reporting, etc., is a must to prepare students for real-world challenges. Thus, check out the Tally course syllabus details of the institute you prefer.

Industry Exposure and Faculty Expertise

Focus on courses whose instructors have work experience in the financial field and provide valuable insights and examples that go beyond textbook knowledge.

Career Support and Networking Opportunities 

A good educational institution will educate you and help you advance your career by providing excellent career support and internship opportunities. Look for Tally course institutions that offer employment support, networking opportunities, and internships after the course.

Alumni Feedback and Reviews 

Feedback and reviews provide valuable insight into course structure and quality, faculty, and more. Read reviews and feedback from previous candidates and alumni to assess which courses best suit your career goals.

Tally with Henry Harvin 

At this point, you may be wondering: Why should I consider the best Tally course? Especially when Tally Education is available in the cheapest version. No. This will be a mistake that cannot be undone later. Yes, there are numerous Tally online video courses, but they just offer a certificate of completion which holds no credibility. Even in a perfect world, this is not ideal.

So how on earth do you find the best Tally course? Simple. The best tally courses are those that offer: 

• Simulated learning, i.e. it actually allows you to work with Tally and Data.

• Instructor-led interactive sessions rather than a monotonous series of pre-recorded videos.

• Help with candidate placement after course completion.

• Besides Tally, it also covers topics like Accounting, GST, TDS, etc.

• Equal importance to a comprehensive knowledge of MS Office, GST, TDS, and online government portal concepts.

Henry Harvin’s Tally course offers all this and more. If you want to learn Tally and beyond and become a true professional, check out Henry Harvin’s Advanced Tally ERP 9 Training and Advanced Tally Prime course. Check out these courses and see how well they ‘tally’ with your career goals.


Choosing the right learning course is important for success in the financial industry. To make an informed decision and achieve your career objectives, consider the course content, certifications, faculty expertise, and flexibility of the Tally Education Institute. Where opportunities abound, investing in the right Tally course can open the door to a successful career in the dynamic world of finance.


Q.1. Which is better, Tally or Excel?

Ans: Excel is an application that adds skill sets in every field. But, when large data sets are considered, Excel has limitations. On the other hand, Tally offers powerful data management solutions specifically tailored to accounting needs. So, if you want a career in accounting and costing, Tally is a better choice.

Q. 2. Which should I choose: the Tally ERP 9 version or the Tally Prime version?

Ans: If you have exposure to the earlier versions of Tally, then the all-new Tally Prime would be our recommended. With the ease and simplicity of Tally ERP 9 software intact, Tally Prime offers much more advanced features that improve different operations, resulting in seamless workflow and high productivity.

Q.3. What courses does Henry Harvin offer on Tally?

Ans: You can choose from Advanced Tally ERP 9 Training or Advanced Tally Prime training at Henry Harvin.

Q.4. What do I get upon enrolling in Tally courses with Henry Harvin?

Ans: First, get live interactive sessions with industry expert trainers. A curriculum that is aligned with industry requirements. In case you missed them, video recordings of instructor-led sessions. Monthly boot camp sessions and 1-year Gold membership. Job placement support and internship opportunities upon course completion.

Q.5. Is Tally easy to learn?

Ans: Yes. Tally is very easy to learn and work on. It is an accounting software that supports accounting management.